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PRE-ORDER of Wildflower Mug 3

PRE-ORDER of Wildflower Mug 3


PLEASE NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER!  Which means...

  • The piece is made once it is ordered (and is not currently in existence)
  • It will ship within approximately 8 weeks after the order is placed
  • It will look similar to (but not exactly like) the mug pictured here (it's handmade pottery, after all!)


Clay: Dark Brown

Glaze: Blue Green interior and outer lip, yellow matte exterior

Handle Style: Double-pulled

Surface Alteration: Wild rose, cone flower, daisy and bumblebee carving

Bottom Style: Trimmed foot with flower carving

Capaticy: Approximately 14oz (+/- ~2oz)


Only 1 left in stock
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